The truth about the no deposit bonuses

Find out some significant facts and details you should know about no deposit spins. Discover how exactly the no deposit bonuses work.

What’s a no deposit bonus? It’s a type of a bonus apart from everything else. Then, it means that this bonus is a gift like every other special offer you can see in an online casino, gambling provider with lotteries and other games or sport betting websites. What makes this bonus so specific to have its own name is that fact that you don’t have to make a deposit to get it. Your gift is not just free, but deprived of any conditions you should meet. Ok, you should be a customer of the betting house, but we believe that’s obvious to guess.

The no deposit spins represent a certain type of a no deposit bonus. See, some casinos are kind enough to offer you money. You can use it the way you want it. However, the pack of free spins is designed to be used on games that include spins. In other words, this is a requirement number one in the free spin no deposit bonuses – you will have to play slots or spin the fortune wheel.

Is that so bad, though? It seems that some online casino clients get kind of mad when being welcomed with no deposit bonuses, but eventually they find out that they are supposed to play certain types of games. Moreover – many betting houses are used to include in the promotions spins on particular slots. Basically, this is a strategy that allows the gambling company to promote unknown slots, the least popular slots, the most disliked slots or the brand newly released slots.

There’s one more thing that commonly makes the punters kind of angry about the free spins. It’s the wager requirements for a withdrawal. As you know all the welcome bonuses whether a deposit or a no deposit, are bound with some specific terms and conditions. If you make a win with money that you have transferred from your e-wallet to your account balance, you can claim for a withdrawal immediately. Things are more complicated if this win was made with money that’s given to you as a bonus. If you have registered successful slot experience and you increased your account balance thanks to a solid deposit bonus, then you might be asked to play the bonus amount from 5 to 20 times. The betting houses can also force you to play this amount on certain games or on certain odds (when it comes to sport bets).

And if you register the wins with no deposit spins for free, invest a lot of your free time, because you will have to play the winning amount at least 30 times. This sounds like a warning “there’s no such a thing as a free lunch”. But the truth is that the no deposit bonuses are free lunches. Don’t forget that eventually you will reach this number of plays on the betting house one way or another. But with a no deposit bonus, you will do it with the company’s money, right?

So, it’s up to you – is the truth about the no deposit bonuses mean or fair!?

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