Privacy maintenance in football betting – tips

Read some safety measures to apply in your Judi Bola activity. These recommendations are tested and efficient enough to protect your accounts from frauds.

Privacy in Judi Bola platforms is neither a joke, not an easy task. To some of you it’s not even a thing to consider. But in the globalization process and the giant virtual shared world we live in remaining in privacy might be a challenge that’s worth it to fight for.

Privacy is something you will appreciate not only because it brings you financial safety and security for your personal data left to the bookies when opening an account. It’s also a protection in case of a win (who wants to be announced as the next football betting millionaire, especially if living in Brooklyn or a ghetto in the Philippines).

If you are looking for working and efficient tips regarding privacy maintenance to implement in your football betting activity, don’t stop reading. Here’s our list of prescriptions to remain privacy healthy.

  1. It’s recommended to access your betting provider via a VPN system to spoof your IP address. Although, VPN has been practically used only by customers who are residents in countries that are not fully ok with gambling, which is why foreign bookmakers are not always opening, it’s a great alternative to increase the security of your entire computer while gambling.
  2. Do you know what the safest currency to place bets is? Cryptocurrencies, of course! On a global range, Bitcoin and all of its brothers have been successfully immersing the market for the last couple of years and these days we see a significant growth of about 25% of the betting houses that have adopted crypto payments in comparison to the previous years.
  3. Attention – mobile apps might be great, but not safe when being downloaded from suspicious sources. To avoid any risk for your tablet or smartphone, always install an .apk file that’s uploaded on the official bookmaker’s website. If you are an iOS user, you can also opt for bookies’ mobile apps that are available in iTunes.
  4. If it’s possible, avoid using your credit and debit cards for direct deposits and withdrawals through the Judi Bola platforms you have signed in. If you instead, opt for e-wallets you can be protected in many more ways rather than your bank will. Nothing personal, dear bank system, but you are not doing it quite safely recently.
  5. Your login credentials are only yours. It’s not even ok to provide them to your best friend for quick betting line when you are away from home, but don’t want to miss the hottest weekend events from the English Premium league. Even if your best friend doesn’t abuse your personal data, someone else might if sitting after him on the same device.

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