Which poker personality are you?

Check out which type of a player in pokerace99 you are. See the different poker personalities.

They say there are different types of poker players. In general, the specialist distinguish them by their playing style, strategies they use (or having no strategies at all), as well as specific gambling and personal qualities. You might know, but it’s highly possible for you to appear in any of the seven popular poker player groups.

Figuring it out which one is your poker group might be funny. However, we don’t write this material only to entertain you. As a matter of fact, by meeting the seven types of poker personalities, you will get one step ahead of your opponents. They will help you in determining every opponent on the table, as well as his or her hands.

So don’t hesitate, but find out what the top common seven poker personalities you can meet and which one is yours right away:

  1. The well-known aggressor on the table. Basically, this is the player who’s the most aggressive in his strategy from the first deal to the end of the game. To tell you the truth, that’s not the aggression you should, for instance, apply in the poker tournaments. It’s more aggressive than you think. The well-known poker aggressor is actually more aggressive than the calling station.
  2. The numb poker personality. You will recognize him very fast. The thing is that this poker player is a bit nit as he prefers to play only the 100% secured and profitable hands. He rarely calls, but instead, usually folds and once in a while, checks, waiting for the good card to appear at the table and wishing to get the royal flush.
  3. The aggressive fish. It’s another type of an aggressive pokerace99 player. The thing is that this is a very smart guy, who understands that in 90% of the cases poker game requires from you to be aggressive, but in addition to this, he also recognize the moments to be passionate and passive very wisely.
  4. The tight pro. We say tight, because as a matter of fact, there are plenty of poker pros you will meet on your way. Most of them, though, have once weakness in common – they are in love with the call and all in buttons. In most cases, they risk and they tend to bluff on a regular basis. On the contrary, the tight pro is actually the smartest guy at the table and you should be very careful with him.
  5. The shark. We don’t say he’s the most skillful or wining guy at the poker table. But he’s another person you should be careful about. The shark in the poker game is the one that’s literally impossible to read. He makes weird, but still logical moves that change all the way long the gameplay. And the logic is truly hard to be found by the poker novices.
  6. The noob. This is the first time real money poker player. He’s very enthusiastic and quite slow in the actions. You will see him making some really weird attempts to be original. But they are not due to stupidity. He’s still in the test period, so sometimes he might even beat you up.
  7. The poker sausage head. It’s the player who has read all of the poker books and doesn’t stop learning from the best poker bloggers. He might even sign up for a poker course and will do everything possible to get a piece of advice from any experienced player he sees.

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